VOC and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous coating systems, printing inks and liquid colour masterbatches for thermoplastics and to manufacture pastes for unsaturated polyester resin systems or gel coats. Particularly suitable for producing stable effect pigment dispersions. DISPERBYK®-192 deflocculates pigments by means of steric stabilisation. As a result of the small particle size of the deflocculated pigments, the colour strength is improved. Moreover, the viscosity is reduced so that a higher pigment loading is possible. The additive prevents flooding/floating even in complex pigment/paste combinations and difficult colour shades. Particularly recommended for producing pigment pastes for gel coats; also recommended to stabilise pigments in gel coats. The additive is recommended for producing liquid colour masterbatches which are based on fatty acid esters and which are used to colour thermoplastics (particularly PET).


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