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  • BYK-1724

    VOC-free silicone-containing defoamer for aqueous emulsion paints, printing inks, overprint varnishes, and emulsion adhesives. Compatible defoamer. All-purpose and easy to incorporate.

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  • BYK-1730

    VOC-free silicone defoamer for aqueous architectural coatings.

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  • BYK-1740

    Green defoamer based on eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials for architectural coatings and adhesives with an excellent defoaming performance comparable with mineral oil defoamers.

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  • BYK-1752

    Silicone-free defoamer on polymer-basis for solvent-borne coatings and printing inks.

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  • BYK-1770

    Silicone-containing defoamer for aqueous architectural coatings. Particularly suitable for thick layer systems with airless/airmix application. Solvent-free.

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  • BYK-1780

    BYK®-1780 is a highly effective defoamer against microfoam in airless applications and high-build systems.

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  • BYK-1781

    Silicone-containing defoamer for aqueous systems to remove microfoam generated during application.

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  • BYK-1785

    BYK®-1785 is a highly versatile defoamer for water-borne systems for airless, airmix, spray, roller and brush application. The additive is an emulsion of 30 % active substance.

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  • BYK-1788

    VOC- and silicone-free polymer defoamer for solvent-borne, high-solid, and solvent-free systems. Particularly suitable for 100 % UV systems. Broadly compatible defoamer, particularly recommended for clear coat systems and thermosets.

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  • BYK-1790

    Silicone-free defoamer on polymer-basis for solvent-free, radiation-curable wood and industrial coatings, printing inks, and paper coatings.

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  • BYK-1791

    Aromatic-free defoamer based on a polymer for radiation curable UV-coatings for wood, furniture and industrial coatings.

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  • BYK-1794

    Emission-free and silicone-free defoamer for solvent-borne, solvent-free, high-solids and UV systems.

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