AQUACER® 581 is a wax emulsion based on carnauba wax which is used to improve surface slip, scratch-resistance, uniformity of printing ink acceptance, and ink set off in aqueous paper coatings. It also has applications as an anti-caking additive for thermoplastics and hotmelts. Thermoplastic granulates (TPE, TPU, EVA) have a tendency to stick together (“cake“) under pressure and heat. AQUACER® 581 is used for the underwater granulation of such materials; it forms a protective coating around the granules to create non-sticky and free-flowing granulates. In contrast to the frequent practice of dusting the granulates with solid release agents (chalk, talcum), much lower quantities of AQUACER® 581 are required so that the properties of the thermoplastics are not affected. This method also prevents the formation of dust during processing.


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