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  • Antifoams

    The range offers superlative foam-control characteristics to treat susceptible processes and formulations.

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  • Beta Picoline (3-Methylpyridine)

    Beta Picoline is used in the manufacture of Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

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  • Polyethylene Glycols

    Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) is used in laxatives as an excipient in many pharmaceutical products.

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  • Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols

    Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols (MPEGs) are used in the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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  • Silver products

    We have a range of silver anti-microbials for anti-bacterial handwash, woundcare and oral care products, including mouthwash and toothpaste.

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  • Silver solutions

    We supply silver solution in addition to solutions of silver citrate, silver lactate and colloidal silver.

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  • Silver technical carriers

    Our silver technical carriers include: Silver Chloride on Titanium Dioxide, Silver Copper Zeolite with Aloe Vera, Collagen, Silver Zeolite and Silver Zirconium products.

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  • Amines

    If you’re looking for specialty amines for health care applications, we have extended our range.

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  • Magnesium Stearate

    Magnesium stearate is a commonly-used lubricant in pharmaceutical and health care products.

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  • Stearic Acid Powder

    Stearic acid is a common amino acid used in the production of skin care, hair care, soap and shaving products.

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  • Sodium Stearyl Fumerate

    Sodium stearyl fumarate is a water-soluble lubricant used in the pharmaceutical industry for compressing tablets.

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  • Di Basic Calcium Phosphate

    Di Basic Calcium phosphate is a widely used pharmaceutical excipient, acting as a binder and filler in solid oral dosage forms, including compressed tablets and capsules.

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