Why it’s time to focus on the blues in skincare


While skincare products have placed considerable emphasis on the effects of UV radiation, it’s increasingly necessary to take into account the damaging effects of other wavelengths, particularly blue light.

Blue light represents 50% of the energy emitted by the sun and almost 100% of the energy emitted by artificial sources. It penetrates deeper into the skin than UV rays but its effect is reported to be different. Blue light has not been associated with sunburn or skin cancer but it is reported to cause photo-ageing and the formation of age spots through oxidative damage.

Sun’Alg, which has been developed by Gelyma, has been shown in tests to exhibit major beneficial effects against both indoor and outdoor photo-damage. It therefore is able to provide an efficient and overall skin protection against harmful damage caused by exposure to UV radiation as well as to blue light.

The studies also confirm the high potential of microalgae as natural and sustainable photo-protective agents for cosmetic developments.

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