Our Key Supply Partners

Blagden markets, technically promotes and distributes products on behalf of leading global manufacturers
Blagden is proud to represent many of the leading manufacturers in their fields to provide our customers with a comprehensive and innovative range of products.
A selection of our Key Supply Partners and Stockists is listed:

Abitec logo  

Abitec Corporation: Combines synthesis and analytical expertise in organic compounds with a high-quality manufacturing operation to supply a wide range of ingredients.

Athenstaedt logo  

Athenstaedt: Producer of pharmaceutical products, primarily focused on gastro-intestinal indications, skin and health care, as well as fine chemicals.

BRB logo  

BRB International BV: A dynamic and innovative silicone technology business serving consumer and industrial market sectors, BRB is among the largest independent and privately owned businesses of its kind in the world. It has manufacturing facilities in Europe, America and the Far East and is committed to developing new technologies to remain at the forefront of this high-tech sector.

BYK logo  

BYK-Chemie: Provides an extensive and growing range of additives to maintain and improve the quality, performance and processability of products across many applications and sectors including coatings, composites, printing inks, thermoplastics and adhesives.

Dominion Colour logo  

Dominion Colour Corporation: Provides a full range of inorganic and organic colour pigments. DCC is the global leader in the production of inorganic pigment yellow 34 and pigment red 104 used in roadmarking, industrial coatings and plastics.

Dow logo  

DuPont Titanium Technologies: A division of Dupont, a global science company employing more than 60,000 people worldwide and producing a diverse array of products. DuPont Titanium Technologies is the world's largest producer of titanium dioxide used in coatings, plastics and paper.

Gelyma logo  

Gelyma: Involved in the conception, development and production of innovative active marine ingredients.

Imerys logo  

Imerys Talc: A world leader in the extraction, processing and sale of industrial minerals, supplying 15% of global talc demand. Imerys talcs impart processing, optical and physical improvement in a diverse range of applications including plastics, coatings, rubber, cosmetics, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed products.

Jubilant logo  

Jubilant Life Sciences: Integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences solution provider, this fast-growing company manufactures active ingredients, fine chemicals, nutrition ingredients and more.

Kamin logo  

Kamin LLC: Is a manufacturer of quality hydrous and calcined kaolin. Its high quality reserves and proprietary processing technologies enhance the properties of kaolin for use in a variety of applications including coatings, printing inks, rubber, sealants, wire and cable.

Kao logo  

Kao Group: Develops products across fields of beauty care, human health care, fabric and home care, as well as manufacturing a wide range of chemical products for industry.

Potters logo  

Potters Europe: Is the European division of Potters Industries LLC, the largest producer of quality glass beads in the world. The range covers both hollow and solid glass spheres for application in plastics, coatings and adhesives to enhance physical properties.

Reipu logo  

Reipu Chemicals: Is involved in the production of refined chemical products. It is the leading global producer of pharmaceutical intermediate, paracresol. It also produces sorbic acid and potassium sorbate for the food industry.

Riken logo  

Riken Vitamin: Through technological innovation Riken Vitamin established itself as a leading manufacturer of vitamin A and has diversified into the production of monoglycerides, vitamin E, functional foods and additives.

Rio Tinto logo  

Rio Tinto Minerals: Is a global leader in industrial mineral supply and science. Borax, a member of Rio Tinto, manufactures zinc borate used as a fire retardant and smoke suppressant on coatings and polymer systems.


Rio Tinto logo  

Sekisui Chemical Co: Sekisui produces one of the most complete lines of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) in the world with manufacturing facilities in Spain and the USA. The range is supplied under the well-known brand name, Selvols and important end-use markets include adhesives, textiles, paper, building products and specialty applications.

Ueno logo  

Ueno Fine Chemicals: Manufacturer of chemical products, liquid crystal polymers and organic pigments.