Innovation is a vital element in our long record of success
Our focus has always been on products for the future. That's why our customers look to us for information, advice and assistance with product innovation.

What we offer:

  • Knowledge: Our partners include many of the leading innovators in the chemical industry. We are active within the international marketplace, identifying new products, new players and new opportunities. It gives us a breadth of knowledge and information which we can share when providing informed advice or recommendations.
  • Sourcing: We continually seek new products and new sources of supply. Extensive travel around the world attending exhibitions, seminars and meeting new contacts is undertaken to keep us ahead in this key aspect of our business.
  • Products: We seek to be one step ahead. We closely follow market trends and fashions - particularly in the dynamic world of cosmetics and skin care - as well as legislative changes and product innovation to ensure we continue to have the chemicals and ingredients available with the functionality you require.
  • Collaboration: We have worked with many customers on exciting innovations in their product range and, in some instances, involve our supply partners too.