Customer support

Trust and support define our customer relationships
Our people and the service we provide are as important to our business as the quality and breadth of our products. That's why we have a technical sales force who can understand your applications and the functionality you need. That's also why we have a friendly and experienced team based in our head office to answer calls and respond to questions or difficulties quickly and effectively.

Our head office team also processes orders and organises deliveries. By overseeing the whole process from order to delivery, the team is well placed to respond quickly if questions arise. We are committed to personal contact, which is why, with Blagden, you will not languish in a telephone queuing system or find yourself constantly speaking to voicemail.

Our customers like dealing with us. We provide a personal, knowledgeable and reliable service and ensure we provide the right product to you at the right time.

Whatever the problem, we'll look for a solution
Ours is very much a 'can do' culture and our aim is to do our utmost to help our customers with whatever issue or challenge they face.