Our business

Blagden supplies chemicals within specific sectors in a defined geographical market
Blagden focuses on supplying chemicals to key industry sectors within the UK and Ireland. With this focus comes detailed knowledge and understanding of our markets and, across particular sectors, we trade with the majority of all businesses operating within that field. Our reputation for technical in-depth knowledge means we are relied upon and trusted for information, advice and assistance.

Our distribution centre provides warehousing, blending and laboratory facilities
A key element in our ability to ensure reliability in supply and delivery to our customers is our own distribution centre which has COMAH Top Tier status enabling us to store and segregate a full range of chemicals as required. Our emphasis is on meeting the needs of our customers, and we repackage products as well as offering custom blending and the services of our applications and QC laboratory. 

Personal, friendly and informed customer service is at the heart of our business
We have invested heavily in technology to ensure efficiency and effectiveness throughout our operations and continue to adapt and innovate to respond to changing requirements and opportunities. At the same time, people remain central to our success, providing the flexibility required to deliver solutions and maintain a loyal, longstanding customer base. Our customer service team based in our head office is available to answer calls and respond to questions and special requirements.